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Student Lettings Guide

Student Lettings Guide

Make a wish list:

Make a list of your property requirements e.g. Number of bedrooms, maximum rent, location, parking, etc.

Browse our website:

Search our website for properties that match your requirements.

Book a Viewing:

Book online. No need to book multiple viewings. When you turn up to the viewing just tell your viewer which other properties you would like to see. Typically you can see up to 4 in an hour. Remember to have a browse of the website before your viewing.

Alternatively you can email or call the Student NO FEE office to book an appointment and arrange a meeting place (typically the first property you would like to view).

Go on a property viewing:

A Student NO FEE staff member will meet with you and your group of friends at the first property and then take you onto view a selection of properties that meet your requirements.

Like what you see:

Hopefully we were able to show you the ideal property.

Check the property details and ask your questions:

Have a thorough look over the property and check all of the property details. Ask the viewer or call the Student NO FEE office if you have any questions. Before you secure a property be sure that you understand what is provided/included.


£450 per tenant

£600 per tenant for 2 bedroom properties

£700 per flat for 1 bedroom properties

Secure a property:

Turn up at the main Student NO FEE Office and provide the following:

  • 1) Tenant details for all tenants in your group.
  • (Mobile number, email address, UK Guarantor name, email address and postal address)
  • 2) An original form of identification for each tenant.
  • (UK = passport; NON UK = EEA passport or identity card; NON UK & NON EEA = passport and visa (as per University enrolement))
  • 3) A deposit of £100 per tenant in your group. (£200 for the 1 & 2 bedroom properties)
    • This is NOT an administration fee. 
    • It is a portion of your full deposit. This £100 per tenant is your commitment to the property and it is non-refundable only if you change your mind!
  • 4) Collect 2 copies of the Tenancy Agreement.
  • You take these away with you so you can read, verify and sign them together as a group.
  • You don’t all need to attend as long as the tenant that does attend brings with them your tenant details and £100 deposit.

10 Day Deadline:

We make an appointment within the next 10 DAYS for you to carry out the following:

  • RETURN 2 SIGNED tenancy agreements
  • PAY the rest of your DEPOSIT.
  • ASK your Guarantor to RETURN a signed GUARANTOR FORM to the SNF Office