Reserving a property

What is a guarantor and why do I need one? Arrow How long is the tenancy for? Arrow Is there any rent reduction over summer? Arrow How much is the deposit? Arrow Is my deposit safe? Arrow Is it possible to have the contract verified? Arrow What does 'Joint and Severally Liable' mean for me? Arrow What if there are some changes or improvements to the property I would like to request? Arrow When do we sign the tenancy agreement? Arrow

A guarantor is normally a parent or guardian, someone who is willing to pay your rent for you if you can’t. Ideally they are a UK homeowner and in full time employment.

All tenancies are for a period of 12 months.

We do not offer any summer rent reduction on any of our properties, except for the ones undergoing major or partial renovation works.

Deposits are £350 – £575 per tenant depending on the rent. For 2 bedroom properties the deposit is £550 to £700 per tenant, and for 1 bedroomed properties it is £700-750.

All deposits are protected with ‘My Deposits’, a government approved deposit protection scheme.

No need! The tenancy agreement has been checked by Southampton University Student Services. Make sure you read the Addendum page!

The tenancy agreement is an assured shorthold tenancy agreement. All tenants named are joint and severally liable for the total rent due on the property. Although you can make individual payments you are all responsible for making sure every tenant in the group pays their share of the rent. Virtually all student rental are set up this way.

You will need to make your requests to the SNF office when you secure the property.

After you have secured your property but before the 10 day deadline.

Moving In

When is the first rent payment due? Arrow When is move in day? Arrow Is the property clean? Arrow What do we do about utility bills? Arrow Do we complete an inventory? Arrow Is the garden cut and tidied at the start of our tenancy? Arrow

All tenants must pay their rent in good time prior to key collection. The first rent payment is always due a few weeks in advance of the move in date. This is so we can ensure we have received all rent before handing out the keys.

Key collection is from: 12 Noon to 5pm on July 1st. Only one tenant from each group attends to collect all of the keys. They are then expected to distribute them to the other tenants in the group. Tenants collecting keys after the 1st July can do so anytime during office opening hours. We would advise the lead tenant to ring in advance to make sure keys are available.

The outgoing tenants should leave the property suitably clean and tidy as instructed. We carry out a cleaning inspection on the property. Occasionally, the level of cleanliness is not to the required standard. In these circumstances the property will be professionally cleaned.

Take meter readings on 1st July.
Submit readings and your names to the suppliers (see tenant information for further details).
Check heating controls are low if your group is not planning on staying in the property over the summer.

An inventory will be provided at key collection. This must be agreed and returned to the office by 2nd July. Please allow time to fill out the inventory it is very important.

At the start of the tenancy for an all new group, all gardens are cut and tided by a garden contractor. Following this, it is your responsibility to maintain the garden. If you have a shared garden, it is cut and tided by a garden contractor 4 times a year at no cost to yourselves.

During your tenancy

How do I report maintenance? Arrow How do I pay my rent and when is it due? Arrow How should I manage the utility bills? Arrow What do I do if I have lost my keys? Arrow How do I get a parking permit? Arrow How do I get a phoneline installed? Arrow Do I have to pay council tax? Arrow Do I have to cut the garden? Arrow I want to leave my property, what do I do? Arrow Is the rent equally shared? Arrow

For all maintenance issues email:
For URGENT maintenance issues call on 07773 794657.

Rent is due in advance on the 1st day of each month. Payment methods are:
Standing order: Standing orders should be set up so that the rent arrives in our account by the 1st of the month. Forms will be sent with the moving in instructions in May.

Debit Card by phone or at the SNF Office. We are open 9-5pm Monday to Friday.

Take initial readings and submit them along with all of your names to the respective suppliers. Check your first bills carefully. Check the meter serial number corresponds to your meter and check the readings. Take regular readings and submit them to avoid any nasty surprises later in the year. Contact information will be found on your bills. If you are not sure who supplies your energy please call the following numbers with your postcode:
Gas: 0870 608 1524.

Electricity: 0345 026 2554

Water: 0845 272 0845.

For phone line problems please contact BT on 0800 800 150.

If you lose your front door key, for security reasons we will need to arrange a lock change at the tenant’s cost. Please call or email us to arrange this.
If you lose your bedroom key, you can buy replacements from CROMA LOCKSMITHS situated on Shirley High Street or Portswood Road. Please call for opening hours on 02380 788 422. Approximate cost is £7-10 per key.
Please take some ID and advise them you are a Student NO FEE Tenant.

Parking permits are issued by Southampton City Council. You will need proof of address, V5 vehicle registration document, insurance certificate, and a copy of your Tenancy Agreement as proof of address.
Please call 02380 223855 or visit the Gateway, Civic Centre to find out more.

The majority of our properties will have a PHONE LINE installed already. We are happy for our tenants to install phone lines/broadband/Sky. However, at the end of the tenancy you will be required to rectify damages (if any) as a result of the installation. All installation costs accrued are the responsibility of the tenants.
For phone line problems contact BT on: 0800 800 150

All tenants must present student exemption forms to Southampton City Council. Forms can be requested from your University Department.
Please send copies with a cover letter to: Local Taxation Services, Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LD or call: 02380 223855.

All tenants are responsible for maintaining their own gardens. We have set up a deal with a local hire company in which S.N.F tenants can hire gardening equipment at a discounted rate.
Please contact us for more details.

Please email us to receive our release policy and request a tenant swap. It is a fixed term tenancy agreement and you are responsible for the share of the rent.

We typically divide the rent equally amongst the number of tenants that appear on the tenancy agreement. All Guarantors guarantee a pro rata share of the rent for their named tenant. We do however accommodate groups that wish to assign rent differently. The combined total must be equal to the total rent payable each month and the group must provide written details (via email) of the rents. In the past typical solutions that have been implemented are: drawing lots for the different rooms or auctioning by size of the room.

End of tenancy

Is my deposit protected? Arrow How can I get my deposit back? Arrow Will can I receive notice requiring possession? Arrow How do I get my deposit back? Arrow How do I raise a deposit dispute? Arrow We love our house! Can we stay for another year? Arrow

Our deposits are insured through

All groups will receive information of our ‘get all your deposit back’ scheme in May. A personal visit to the property to go through the scheme is available if required.

A formal notice requiring possession of the property will be sent to all tenants by email 2 months prior to the end of your tenancy.

Check out reports will be conducted at the end of your tenancy. The deposit will be returned to the lead tenant as ONE CHEQUE by the end of July.

All Deposit Disputes are dealt with in writing via letter or email.

Yes! We will always ask you first if you want to stay before we put the property on the rental market.


Who owns SNF? Arrow Who owns all of the properties? Arrow When should I start looking for a property? Arrow Where should I be looking? Arrow How big are the properties? Arrow How much rent should I be expecting to pay? Arrow How do I book a viewing? Arrow What is supplied in each property? Arrow What domestic appliances are included? Arrow Who pays the utility bills? Arrow Who pays for the broadband? Arrow Does the property have gas central heating? Arrow Is the property double glazed? Arrow Is the property well insulated? Arrow Are students liable for council tax? Arrow Do I need contents insurance? Arrow Do we have to get a TV licence? Arrow Who is responsible for the garden? Arrow Is there any parking? Arrow Are the bedroom doors fitted with locks? Arrow Is there adequate fire protection for the property? Arrow Do we hold valid Gas and Electrical safety certificates? Arrow

Dr Erica Fogg, wife of the late Dr Julian Jenkinson

One landlord and owner of SNF

November and December. This will give you the best selection of properties. Once all of our properties are rented, there are no more!

Highfield is close to the University of Southampton, as is Portswood which is also close to lots of amenities. The Polygon is close to Solent University and the city centre.

We have 1 to 9 bedroomed properties.

Rents range from £75 to £135 per week per tenant.

You can book online, call or email the SNF office.

In the bedrooms, we supply a double bed, mattress, wardrobe, desk, desk chair, and curtains. In the lounge, we provide sofas and in some properties, a dining table and chairs.

In the kitchen we provide at least one oven, one hob, one fridge freezer (larger houses will have 2 of each), a washing machine and in some properties, a dishwasher.

The tenants are responsible for the gas, electricity and water bills. We do offer a utility bills scheme which you can opt into!

TOOB full fibre home broadband is included FREE with the rent in all of our Polygon and Portswood houses (except 7 which are not serviceable by TOOB).

Yes, all properties have Gas Central Heating.

The majority of our properties are double glazed.

The majority of our properties have cavity wall insulation.

No, provided that you are a full-time student you will be except.

We suggest you ask at your student services or speak to your parents about being added to their policy as a student away from home.

Yes, you will need to purchase a TV licence for the property if you require one.

You, the tenants, must maintain the garden during your tenancy. If you have a shared garden, it is cut and tided by a garden contractor 4 times a year at no cost to yourselves.

Some properties have driveways for off road parking, some have non-restricted street parking and some have permit parking. Permits are issued by Southampton City Council.

The majority of bedroom doors do have locks. However, some do not so please check this on your viewing.

Yes. All properties have a current fire risk assessment, smoke and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detector and a fire blanket. Depending on the size, they may also have fire doors and even sprinkler systems.

Yes. All properties have valid safety certificates. We carry out a gas check every year and an electrical check every 5 years.